Legislative Update

Written by  on March 2, 2017 

Two critical bills are moving through the Legislature and are coming up for a full vote in the Senate:

SB 1129, SD 1: Relating to Health (Aid in Dying)
Physician provides medication (which can be a variety of prescriptions and dosages) and is not present at death; Patient is not required to notify anyone of decision to end life; No safeguards for disabled, elderly or children who could inadvertently get a hold of medication; Opens the door to elder abuse; Patient must sign document acknowledging that it may take at least 3 hours to die; No one is legally allowed to intervene while patient is dying. Passage of this bill also opens the door to euthanasia and taking the lives of those who government deems are no longer productive or valuable to society.

You can learn more about Physician Assisted Suicide by viewing a presentation, End of Life, that was held on February 23rd at the capitol. It presents both sides of the issue and you’ll hear an interesting segment in which panelists were allowed to ask each other one question.

Forum presented by Rep. Marcus Oshiro
Tuesday, March 7, 2017
5:30pm – 8:30pm
Wahiawa Hongwanji
1067 California Avenue, Wahiawa
PHYSICIAN ASSISTED SUICIDE is one of the topics covered.
For more info: 586-6700

End of Life, Public Policy for the Terminally Ill
Olelo 49, cable TV or online
March 9 6pm
March 12 10pm
March 13 9:30am
March 14 2:00pm

SB 501, SD 1: Relating to Health (Abortion Notification)
Requires Crisis Pregnancy Centers to publicly post Abortion signs and to notify the client in writing or digitally that abortion is an option; Imposes civil fines from $500 initially to $1,000 thereafter. Most of these centers are faith-based and this requirement would force staff to give up their constitutional right to freedom of religion and speech. Some Centers are located within churches. It does not require abortion facilities to post alternatives such as saving a baby or adoption. If this bill is passed it could lead to future legislation that would muzzle the speech of pastors.

40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil
Opening Rally, Saturday, March 4th, 9-12noon
1350 S. King Street

If these bills pass a vote by the full Senate then they crossover to the House (March 9th) and proceed to go through House committees on Health, Judiciary and Finance. We encourage you to contact your Senator and Representative and voice your opinion on these bills. There is still time to write testimony for the House committees.

Go to www.capitol.hawaii.gov to look up the complete bills, open an account, find your lawmakers and to submit testimony. We encourage you to poke around the website and learn more about what will affect you and your family.

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