Five Critical Issues for Christian Voters

Written by  on October 22, 2016 

As we stand at the crossroads to decide America’s future, please consider these concerns before casting your ballot:

1) ISRAEL – Will the next president support and protect this nation? Over the past eight years we have seen the respect and support decline for the only democracy and ally in the Middle East. Recently, the administration has released over $1.5 BILLION to Iran, allowing it to continue on the path to nuclear development and arms proliferation, posing a direct threat to Israel, America and other nations. (Hawaii’s US Senator boycotted the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech to Congress regarding this less than six months ago.) Furthermore, the United Nations (with consent of the U.S.) continues to isolate and push Israel into submitting to other nations’ demands to give up land for a Palestinian state and to end building settlements in her own backyard. Do we want to continue and expand on these positions?

2) U.S. SUPREME COURT – The new president will need to quickly nominate a new Supreme Court Justice to fill the vacancy. Currently at eight members, it is, for the most part, evenly divided so this particular nomination is a tie-breaker. It is important to note that your vote for the U.S. Senate is extremely important as the Senate has the ultimate power to either confirm or deny the nomination. The new Court could take up the case of the California “FACT Act” (AB 775) which mandates that crisis pregnancy centers must publicly post a notice about access to abortion and birth control. It has had at least four legal challenges in the lower courts and is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court on appeal. So your vote for President is also important because of appointments to the lower federal courts. At stake is our tenuous hold on freedoms of religion and speech. The Supreme Court should not legislate from the bench as it did with the ruling on Roe v Wade, but rule strictly using our U.S. Constitution. Only Congress makes laws.

3) HYDE AMENDMENT – Currently prevents federal taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions. It doesn’t protect all federal monies, but this has been mentioned as something a new president might try to get rid of, in keeping with the current administration’s policy supporting abortion.

4) JOHNSON AMENDENT – Prevents churches and non-profits from publicly supporting or opposing candidates under the threat of losing their tax-exempt status. It’s another example of muzzling freedoms of religion and speech. One of the candidates would consider changing this.

5) PLANNED PARENTHOOD FUNDING – Over HALF A BILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS goes into its coffers every year. Congress recently tried to de-fund PP, but the Senate blocked the move.
Locally, the mayor’s and legislative races are very important. This past year the Legislature tried to pass a law that would have severely limited freedoms of religion and speech. Because Hawaii is a one-party state we can expect more laws like this to be introduced. You are encouraged to vote according to your values and beliefs and not because of your culture, traditions, party or ethnicity. Please vote from the top of the ticket down to the local races in your district.

Do your own research. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge….” Hosea 4:6


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  1. Rita Kama-Kimura says:

    Well done CITH … Now we can only pray the people will open their eyes and that our LORD may have mercy and forgive us.