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  Bills to Watch Feb 2017 Revised 2_4_2017 [...]

2016 Election Amendments Guide

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ANALYSIS OF THE 2016 STATE AND CITY CHARTER AMENDMENTS This information is to be used as a guideline when voting on a total of 22 amendments. You are encouraged[...]

2016 Proposed Hawaii State Constitution and County Charter Amendments

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Download a complete list of amendments by clicking on the link below 2016 State and County Amendments [...]

Vaccination Bills with Mandates are being proposed in the Hawaiian Senate this week.

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Five vaccine bills with mandates have been introduced this year to the Hawaii State Legislature. Three are already being heard in Senate Committees this[...]

The McDermott Report

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“Hawaii parents who hold traditional values face an assault on two fronts.” Rep Bob McDermott Read Representative McDermott’s report[...]

2015 Bill Information Update

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IMPORTANT BILLS NOW MOVING THRU THE LEGISLATURE (Hearings are scheduled for this week.) Culture Impact Team Hawaii encourages you to submit testimony on[...]

Support HB1624 Strengthen Religious Protection

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Necessary Action Secure a hearing for HB1624 before the House Judiciary Committee from Rep. Karl Rhoads. Synopsis The Hawaii Religious Freedom Restoration[...]

Oppose Pono Choices

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Pono Choices is a sex education curriculum that includes normalizing anal sex, while failing to warn students of the extreme dangers of anal sex, is not[...]

Oppose HB1789

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HB1789 bans Sexual Orientation Therapy, dilutes parental rights, prevents counselors and clergy from advising minors, even with parental consent on gender[...]