Calendar and Importance of Voting

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Tues, Oct 25 – Sat, Nov 5: Early Walk-in Voting & Late Registration, Electronic and paper voting at Honolulu Hale, Electronic voting only at Kapolei City Hall. Bring current ID.


Now – Sun., Nov 6 – 40 Days for Life, prayer vigil, fasting, & outreach at Planned Parenthood,

1350 S. King St.;


Now – Tues., Nov 8 – Absentee ballots (mailed out Oct 18)

Your completed and signed ballot must be received by 6pm November 8th by the City Clerk’s office. Besides mailing, you may also drop off your ballot at Honolulu Hale or Kapolei City Hall Monday through Saturday, 7:45am – 4:30pm OR take it to your polling place on November 8th.


Tues., Nov 1 – Absentee Ballot Request, last day for registered voters to request a mail-in ballot.

Call the City Clerk’s office at 768-3800 to facilitate your request.


Sun., Nov 6 – Prayer Assembly for the Election, all believers are invited to a “Solemn Assembly” at the State Capitol, 4pm-6pm.


Tues., Nov 8 – General Election, 7am – 6pm,

For more information go to (and to view a sample ballot) or call the City Clerk’s office (Election Division) at 768-3800.


Amendments on the ballot

There are two State Constitutional Amendments and twenty City Charter Amendments proposed for 2016. For information on the state amendments go to and for the city amendments go to (take special note of #15 and #19). The City Charter Amendments may be confusing, but it is important to remember that many amendments expand government and open the floodgates to imposing more taxes. When you read the city’s explanation (website) on what would result if the proposal(s) passes keep in mind it is written to appear more beneficial to you than it really is.

The Importance of Voting

In 1970, 46 years ago, the Hawaii State Legislature passed one of the most devastating bills in history. The governor, at the time, allowed it to pass without his signature, making Hawaii the FIRST state in the nation to legalize abortion. He was a man of faith, but stated he did not want to let his personal beliefs to affect his duties as governor “on a whim”. He was strongly supported by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman (also a man of faith). They believed it was important to “change the current law to reflect community standards”. Strongly supporting the abortion bill were 70 community organizations (led by a woman who would become a State Representative) and the former Honolulu Star Bulletin.

In 1998, 18 years ago, State Constitutional Amendment 2 passed with almost 70% support to allow what the public thought was preserve to marriage because the Legislature was given the “power to reserve marriage to opposite sex couples”. However, in 2013 we learned that, according to the State Attorney General’s opinion, Amendment 2 (reflecting the will of the voters) did NOT prevent the Legislature from banning same sex marriage and the Legislature passed the marriage bill and the governor signed it during a special session. Despite challenges to the law, the Hawaii Supreme Court upheld same sex marriage.

Yes, your vote IS important! It only takes a few minutes. For national and local voters guides go to and

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