2015 Bill Information Update

Written by  on March 15, 2015 

(Hearings are scheduled for this week.)

Culture Impact Team Hawaii encourages you to submit testimony on legislation that has great potential to alter our lives as well as our families lives. From the establishment of MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES, expanded SEX EDUCATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, so-called “SAFE PLACES” to BULLYING this is just the start of a “new society” wherein the norms are fast-changing. Is this what you want?

Please research these bills for further information, contact your legislator and/or submit testimony so that YOUR voice will be heard. You are speaking not only for yourself, but for family, friends and those who cannot or will not speak up.

Follow the instructions in this grid for submitting testimony. IF YOUR LEGISLATOR SITS ON ANY OF THE COMMITTEES THAT ARE HEARING THESE BILLS please let him/her know that you are a constituent. This makes your testimony stand out. You can look up your legislator at www.capitol.hawaii.gov.

Click for 2015 Revised Bills v2

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